Short Stay Rentals

Are you planning to come to Amsterdam for a short stay? Then our Serviced Apartments are the perfect solution for you. We would be happy to assist you in finding an apartment that can be booked from 7 nights and with a flexible termination policy. There is no rental agreement required when letting any apartment for less than six months. You can cancel your initial booking anytime up to 7 days prior to your stay. All apartments are fully furnished and all services including gas, electricity, water, TV and Internet are included in the price. These are turn-key properties where you move in and the bed is already made. Everything from the kitchen appliances to linens, towels and even a tooth brush is provided! These apartments are also professionally cleaned on a weekly basis. You pay a nightly rate, allowing you to book an apartment from your exact arrival date till your departure, because why pay too much?

Serviced Apartments are a great solution if you want to go to Amsterdam for a relatively short term and are frequently booked by expatriates and business professionals. Many of our clients initially stay in a Serviced Apartment while they search for a permanent home in the city.

Why should I book a Serviced Apartment rather than a Hotel?

With a Serviced Apartment you receive the benefits that you are used to from a hotel but the space and privacy of an actual home. A Serviced Apartment allows you to feel at home while being miles away from home. Please see some additional differences between the two in the table below

Difference in lay-out of a Hotel room and a Serviced Apartment

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